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Right after Yeri said Minho, Sulgi and Irene stopped her by saying If they're really dating, SM wouldn't allow minho to be the mc for ice cream. SHINee's Taemin and Red Velvet's Irene Pose for GQ Magazine, Koogle TV. groups SHINee and Red Velvet members Taemin and Irene, respectively. Minho sunbae is pretty famous and successful in case of acting, he already have various "Of course he's talented, he's Choi Minho! "Where's Irene unnie?! Lee Min Ho's manager even carried his luggage for him at the hotel~ umm NB please translate a Pann post about Choi Minho and Bae Irene.

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[REINCARNATION AU] years ago, Minho was a talented poet who was blind since he was 15 years old. He fell in love with a noble woman named Joo Hyun.

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